MOBILE games studio

Hyper Futura - is a team of enthusiastic professionals who create mobile games and bring fun to everyday life. Our main goals are exploring a hit game formula and having fun from the creation process. We turn ideas into marketable products. Always aiming to impress mobile game fans and bring new emotions to our audience.

Ragdoll Ninja

Fun ragdoll games. Control a swing dummy. Stickman ragdoll fighter - ninja game.

Imagine a ninja game with ragdoll physics and fast-paced action. Well, this ragdoll simulator is just that. It’s everything you love about ninja and ragdoll games combined! Focusing on what makes ragdoll games special, Ragdoll Ninja is here to wow you with funny physics, engaging gameplay, and tons of epic fights and challenges.


Hit the bad guys, become a super assassin and survive.

Welcome to Stealth Shooter, a fun casual game where you must defeat bad guys like in spy and super agent movies! As a secret assassin, destroy your enemies and don't let them find you out. If enemy raises the alarm, your mission will fail. Play carefully and try to survive. Be prepared for the chase. The enemy can find you and then the mission ends with the chase, in which you have to get away from the pursuers. Use all your skills so that the enemies won’t catch you.

It's a pleasure to work with us. We are always open to communication!